About us

Introducing Rowantz, a passionate duo comprising Rowena (Row) and Anthony (Antz), who share a deep love for exquisite jewellery!

Our journey began in 1998 when we embarked on an adventure around the world from the UK. During our travels, we encountered awe-inspiring jewellery in various countries and decided to bring these treasures back home, curious to see if others shared our fascination. The response exceeded our expectations, leading us to make frequent trips to restock our collection.

Our fondness for Australia prompted us to apply for residency, and we were fortunate enough to be accepted. Presently, we call Sydney our home, and it is here that Rowantz thrives. Starting with humble market stalls at folk and music festivals across the UK, we have now expanded our reach globally through a website catering to 220 countries and territories.

Anthony: My affinity for design lies in the elegance of beautiful shapes and forms, acknowledging that the negative space in between holds equal significance to the object itself.

Rowena: I am always on the lookout for that one-of-a-kind, unconventional piece that stands out from the crowd.

Our mission is to offer the most extensive assortment of earrings and pendants available online, establishing ourselves as the ultimate destination for these accessories.

So whether you're an adventurous balloonist, a dedicated beekeeper, a seasoned sailor, or a talented musician, we have you covered. Our collection boasts a perfect piece waiting just for you.